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My mini vacation 10 January 2009

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Jill here.

And I am having a gloriously lazy day.

My winter vacation was, in fact, not very vacation-like. I had a couple of large translation projects that kept me working all through vacation and beyond. But I finished the last of them on Friday (in my usual fashion, which means staying up till midnight on Thursday to finish the translation and then getting up at five on Friday to proofread the bloody thing before sending it off in time to head off to my “day job”) and so this weekend I am free – free to catch up on all the other things I should have been doing, like laundry and essays and emails and real life.

If you didn’t know, I do translation for various large companies and government bodies, which is mostly very good. We really need the extra income right now. And it forces me to read Japanese – although, really, I’m fairly good at reading novels and the like, so I guess I should say it forces me to read technical or advanced Japanese. And I do quite enjoy it: every sentence is like a little puzzle to figure out. But…

Well, but. But it’s a fairly stressful type of work, banging your head against walls (or computer screens, as it were) all alone with no coworkers and no reprise and pressing deadlines and, of course, very limited hours in which to work when one has a day job as well. So, needless to say, my favorite part of every project I have ever finished is the dizzying sense of relief and freedom that comes when done with the bloody thing. Until the next request comes in.

At the moment, though, that ‘next request’ has yet to arrive in my mailbox so I seem to have this three day weekend to myself. I will clean the utter mess of our house, belatedly take down the Christmas and New Year’s decorations, do another two loads of laundry, write an essay proposal that is due soon, sort through wedding things, finish writing BS if I can, get back to work on my next story, catch up on emails, do my Japanese homework for the month, and hopefully resume work on studying for the JLPT (the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, on which I am attempting the highest level this summer).

Oh, and I’ll be getting married. 😉


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