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三年生の皆さん: ありがとう! 君たちの笑顔は忘れないよ。 22 January 2009

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Jill here.

A special post for my beloved third years at Hogwarts (伊奈学のコードネーム... ハウスがいっぱいだからね) who will have their last day tomorrow, Friday. I’ve been having last classes with different groups of third years all week and its been a bit heart-wrenching, though I’m also excited for them because I know they’ll have so much fun in the next part of their lives. It also makes me nostalgic. It’s hard to believe it’s been six–no, seven years since I graduated from high school. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s been so long and sometimes it feels like it’s been way longer! But at any rate I’m sad to see my kids go, since they are definitely my favorite students. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone – the first and second years might feel bad!) I hope they’ll keep in touch and let me know how they do! Hint, hint.



Ahem. ということで。今後ともよろしくお願いいたします。合格通知をもらったら、ご連絡を下さいませ。お待ちしております。(←きれいな日本語が話せるふりをした。まあ、メールなら、アリサちゃんがうちのメールアド知っているよ。^^;またはいつでもここでコメントをしてくれてもいいよ!)

Okay, enough bad Japanese. For the promised pictures:

Click for more pictures!


2 Responses to “三年生の皆さん: ありがとう! 君たちの笑顔は忘れないよ。”

  1. Yoko Says:

    Jill☆ I’m Yoko. I was really happy to recieve Jill’s class.
    I’ m very sad to leave Inagakuen but I’ll never forget you!
    Thank you for all(^o^)/

    • thenonakas Says:

      Hey, Yoko! I was really glad to have you in my classes, too! 😀 Let me know how university life is~ I know it’s sad to leave Inagakuen, but don’t worry — soon you will be having so much fun at university! I hope to hear from you again sometimes!

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