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Struggling to stay awake 28 January 2009

Filed under: Jill,Us — thenonakas @ 8:56 PM

Jill here. And exhausted.

I feel tired. The last couple of nights I’ve been having the most bizarre nightmares and they wake me up several times during the night. Seriously bizarre. Not logically frightening, but you know how everything seems frightening in a dream despite defying logic?

For example. I dreamed the other night that my sister and I were at home and watching our cousin’s baby (who is no longer even a baby any more, but…). The baby coughed and then stopped breathing. And then she deflated. Yeah, like a balloon. She was flat as a pancake and I was freaking out, trying to perform baby CPR and she just kept puffing up and then falling flat again, like some sort of macabre whoopie cushion. I was screaming at my sister to call emergency services and she was trying to reach our mom, the nurse, instead. But she kept getting a busy signal and so she continued to redial as I performed CPR on a baby-balloon and went out of my mind.

How messed up is my subconscious? Anyway, it’s keeping me up at night and so I spent most of the day yawning through work and now I’m finding it hard to stay awake at nine pm. Otherwise work is going all right, though. My schedule is much more manageable without my third year classes (sorry, guys) and so I’m actually finding some time to study up on my Japanese and Swedish. As usual, languages make me happy. 🙂 My translating is not going quite as swimmingly, but that’s hardly a new story. I think I have a shot at getting through my self-imposed quota for the day, though if I do, I’ll still be behind what I’d expected to have done by now.

In other news, poor Yuki is sweating. Well, maybe not literally in the ten degree weather, but a little bit, figuratively. He sent his applications to Sweden by Japan Post, who assured him he could track the package. I looked at him quite doubtfully when he told me that, but mostly I tried to bite my tongue. Now he’s been checking the tracking page for the last several days and all it shows is that the package left Japan last week and then — poof! It disappears off the raider. I sure hope, for his sake and for mine, that it makes it to Sweden in time for the deadline. Or, barring that, that he gets accepted in one of the other countries, though Sweden is our inexplicable preference right now.

Oh, well, maybe it’s not so inexplicable for him: he did visit when he was in high school as the prize for winning some essay contest. For me? Not much of a reason, except perhaps that I’m enjoying studying the language so far. It’s like English, but funny. 😀 Oh, and I like IKEA.

Damn, back to work. Want to finish those five pages tonight.


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