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Minor update 2 February 2009

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Jill here.

It’s been another busy week, I’m afraid. But I’ve nearly finished the last of my three back-to-back translation projects and looking for even a brief respite before the next might arrive at my door. Or in my inbox. We’ve been doing more wedding junk. Getting down to those gritty details like seating, music selections, the schedule for the reception and whatnot. What a nightmare! We had a minor wedding-inspired meltdown yesterday but hopefully it will allow us to now move forward with some new understanding of what we’re both looking for. πŸ™‚

Otherwise, things are just going. He’s finishing his last grad school applications this week, and then there will be long grueling wait to hear if he gets accepted anywhere. It will probably be May before we’ll hear, but at least we’ll have all the wedding mess to keep us busy for a majority of that wait. So, to have something to look forward to, here’s me sillily trying on shiromuku, the white wedding kimono that I’ll wear for the ceremony part of the wedding. The girl next to me tried on at least twenty different white and colored kimono; I tried on two and let Yuki pick the one he liked best. Le sigh. I’m such a poor bride. πŸ˜‰

Marshmallowy goodness


2 Responses to “Minor update”

  1. Bizzy Says:

    lol. I tried on a grand total of…nine?…yes, nine dresses total, all in a single day, and ended up buying one of them, and this was the day before he even proposed. Not freaking out over a dress (or kimono) doesn’t make you a poor bride!

    • thenonakas Says:

      Ha, well, good to hear I’m not the only one. And your wedding looked wonderful, so I’ll take hope from that.

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