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Oh noes, life takes over again! 19 February 2009

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Jill here.

It’s been a little while and I’m sorry about that. The excuse wasn’t particularly work, as I had a nice week or so free from translation projects after finishing that last mess. But today, as the next two projects have just arrived, I take the time to update my blog. Oh, silly Jill.

I’ve been keeping busy: I’ve started a sister-blog, you might say, to deal with my translation work, provide Japanese readings to learners, and serve as a portfolio. Since I don’t know where we Nonakas might be going in the next year or the likelihood of me getting a job wherever we end up, I’m tentatively planning to extend my translation work to the main basis of my income. I’d still like a day job (because I would become an unwashed, agoraphobic troll if I worked in my own home all day every day) but this will at least remove the immediate financial pressure of needing to find a job wherever we might land. So I’m working on that. I’ve got my two next projects, as I mentioned, and I’m going to submit my name for freelance work in a couple of new markets in the next week or two.

Yuki has finally gotten all of his applications off and he is already nervously checking his inbox at every turn, as one would expect. It’s going to be a long three months, as we wait for answers. Wedding preparations are not exactly steaming ahead, as we keep putting them off to do other, more pressing things. But sometime in the next couple of weeks, we have to decide music, seating, the schedule for the reception, have his coworkers over for dinner to thank them for planning the second-party, make a slideshow of photographs, figure out gifts for guests, and so on. I’m hoping we’ll hammer through some of that this weekend, but it may well depend on my translation process.

Stress returns with translation, but it also brings the relief of money flowing in, so all in all, life is good. I’ve been eating far too much Valentine’s chocolates thanks to my mum’s care packages, Yuki has been trying to work out (he’s dreaming of a six pack, while I dream of nothing more ambitious than a flat stomach), I have been eyeing the possibility of a hair cut, and life is going pretty well. I only hope it doesn’t take me so long to update this next time!


One Response to “Oh noes, life takes over again!”

  1. Allie Says:

    haircut huh??/ what kind? Im thinking about it before your wedding too, mine is long and ragged these days! But dont do a mom, i heard she got butchered and ive been enlisted to go help her dye it to try to fix it this weekend. gulp! Love you

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