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Woah, uh, hello, March. 12 March 2009

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Jill here.

Oh no, has it really been that long? Honestly, I am amazed by people who can keep up at this. Life always defeats me. So what have I been up to? Hmm. Finished a couple of projects for the Food Safety Commission, some narration for an archeology textbook, and now am doing some documents for UNESCO. I do enjoy the breadth of my work at least–it’s fun to get to read and research about all kinds of things.

My name is all officially changed now with both the American and Japanese governments. I’m still getting around to notifying everyone else who needs to know (yes, I haven’t even updated Facebook–where are my priorities?)

School is relatively quiet. Only another week until another school year is finished. We had graduation on Tuesday and it was sad. I’m sure my students will have a grand time in their next stages, but I’ll still miss them a bit. I saw a couple of them when they came to school for the ceremony, but I didn’t get to talk to any of them. They were with their friends and that’s the most important thing at this age, right?

Hasn’t been much time for writing or hobbies but that’ll come–hopefully this fall! Yuki of course hasn’t heard back from any schools but we’re waiting anxiously for that day to come. We’re both getting increasingly frustrated with our jobs and that stress is affecting our private life, too, so we’re really getting antsy to move back to a country that has at least heard of work-life balance.

Just a bit of silly news, but I did get the haircut after all. Like usual it looked a right mess when I came out of the salon, since they just don’t know how to handle frizzy Caucasian hair around here, but I’m doing a little better with it on my own. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I do think it was better before I cut it, unfortunately, but it’ll grow again. Just hope I can manage to do something decent for it for the wedding ceremony. Which is now in less than a month, officially. We have our final planning meeting at the hall this Sunday and then the trial dress-up whatever on Monday. I’ll try to snap some pics at that if they allow it.

Okay, time to dive back into life. When, oh, when might I surface next?


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