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Okay–at last. 11 May 2009

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Jill here.

All right. After nearly a month of business (that’s busy-ness, not much real business unfortunately) pre-ceremony and a month of recovery post, I am finally trying to update things again.

Yuki has received his official acceptance and so we are, quite officially now, headed off to Sweden in barely three months. I’ve put in my notice at my day job and made it all official there. We will be in the small (though still fourth largest in Sweden) city of Uppsala, just about forty minutes north of Stockholm. There the Yukster should work his little bum off to get his Masters in biology and I will work my (not quite as little) bum off to pay for it all. Then, if we’re lucky, this will all someday lead us to a life better than where we’re at now.

For the moment, though, it means that we’re consumed with trying to figure out timing (hard), money (harder), and housing (hardest), as well as a million and one little logistics. Going to have to sell most of the furniture and things we’ve accumulated over the past two years, and hope it’ll get us somewhere towards having furniture in Sweden. Else we’ll sit on cardboard boxes; whatever is necessary.

Overall, we’re both quite excited to experience somewhere new for a while. Still… despite being the loudest to complain about life in Japan, I seem to be the more reluctant to leave it. Or, well, even if I wouldn’t say that I’m reluctant, I’m at least poignantly aware of the things that I will miss, while Yuki seems so consumed with his excitement that he doesn’t generally think at all of what he might lose. But that’s just our personalities, really. He is so obstinately optimistic, after all.

Ah, I should be doing homework and searching for jobs and plenty of other things, but I suddenly feel the urge to write. First I’ll start the rice for dinner. Tonight will be curry-flavored fried cutlets. Then… who knows?


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