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From sleepless in Seattle… 30 August 2009

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Herr Campbell?
…to sick in Sweden.

Jill here.

In Sweden.

And sick.

Got tremendously ill my first week — in fact, by the end of my first whole day — in Sweden. Not surprisingly, considering the sheer amount of traveling we’ve done in the past four weeks. So after wasting away for two days without eating, I fought down my nausea and stumbled off to the nearby ICA to scavenge some food. I saw the red and white striped can and I was sold! Campbell’s Chicken Soup! Or kycklingsoppa, if you will. It’s definitely not the classic, American chicken noodle soup, but it was the first thing I ate and it was beautiful. (Though when I ate the rest of it, the next morning and no longer maddened by deprivation, I realized that it really wasn’t all that good.) I am almost perfectly recovered now so I will try to post up more about our recent nightmarish travels (12 flights, 7 countries, more cockups than you could shake a stick at) when I get a free breath in between unpacking and setting up our new life!

Oh, and finding a source of income, AKA a job… 😦


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