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To-fu or not to-fu? 9 September 2009

Filed under: Jill — thenonakas @ 10:30 PM

Well, the unpacking is getting along, our apartment is definitely looking more lived in, and Yuki is off for a week doing research in the wilds. That leaves me to finish an essay and a translation, finish cleaning, get his birthday sorted, and experiment. 🙂 Which leads me to the retelling of my great tofu adventure. But I won’t talk about it here, as I know not everyone is as amused as I but strange things happening in the kitchen. Instead I’ve started a cooking blog where I can go on all I want. Pop on by, if you’d like to hear about my utter tofu failure.

Now back to work!


4 Responses to “To-fu or not to-fu?”

  1. utsunomiyadailyphoto Says:

    Ah, the memories of Sweden!!! If you’re in Uppsala, then if I were you, I’d just go down to Japan Food Kitchen in Stockholm and buy tofu and other stuff there. If that’s too far, try finding an “oriental” shop in Uppsala, one that sells Thai, Chinese and middle eastern products. They should have decent tofu. But it won’t be cheap. Nothing is ever cheap in Sweden. 😦

    • thenonakas Says:

      Haha, you are right about that. It is never cheap!

      I did find one small Asian store so far in Uppsala, that has mostly Thai food. They had some frozen veggies and things but no tofu. I’ll have to keep wandering the streets like a crazy bag lady and sticking my head in strange shops, I guess!

      The Japanese stores in Stockholm are great, of course, but I can’t really make it down every week, unfortunately — at that’s how often I’m used to having tofu! Alas…

  2. utsunomiyadailyphoto Says:

    Hi Jill,
    another option is to find a local place that sells sushi (not supermarket) but an actual sushi joint where they make it right there, I think there are (or used to be) two of them in Uppsala and ask them to order you Japanese food. That’s what we did when we lived in the boondocks. We ordered proper rice and soy sauce and noodles and other things through a sushi bar. And sometimes even tofu. 🙂 There are plenty of Japanese in Uppsala, and if you ask around, they can tell you where they get their stuff from.

    • thenonakas Says:

      Yeah, I tried to visit one sushi shop, but the girl working there was just some young, Swedish gal and looked at me like I was crazy for asking them where they got their tofu. Haha, I’ll probably try again, hoping that I can grab some Japanese staff member who might be a bit more understanding… 🙂 Thanks again!

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