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Min kulturdag 14 September 2009

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So Saturday was Kulternatten, or culture night, here in Uppsala. I didn’t go out for any of the night things since I felt bad going without Yuki (who is still away on research). But I did sneak out a bit during the day, ostensibly to run some errands. Since there were so many people around doing so many strange things, I didn’t feel as embarrassed as usual to pull out the ol’ Canon and act like a tourist. So here’s a bit of our fair town:

20090913 Oh, Europe
It is very much a typical old European town in most places. Lots of tables and chairs waiting for the fika rush.

20090913 Slottet
The cathedral: our main claim to fame and the largest in Scandinavia. Makes a good landmark when lost.

20090913 Ease
While wandering around looking for an elusive, larger ICA that was supposed to be in the area, I came across a lovely graveyard. It may sound a bit morbid, but I really enjoy graveyards. They are so quiet and peaceful and somehow thinking about all the lives around me helps me to remember that whatever problems I’m having are only temporary.

20090913 Lyre
The graves are also often lovely. A great many were family graves, which I didn’t realize they did here. I also saw many of the more recent graves that had the deceased name engraved in their own handwriting (presumably). I thought that was a lovely — though thoroughly modern — touch. Signatures do seem to show a lot of a persons character.

20090913 A rose among the rock
All in all, I enjoyed my little stroll… but I do wish I had some company.

Two more days.


One Response to “Min kulturdag”

  1. mum and peach Says:

    Jill adn Yuki the little town looks wonderful….so traditional of European cities. Makes us want to come sooner than next summer. Looking forward to seeing the apartment….so far can’t find it on utube……Love you M&P

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