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Silver Week 23 September 2009

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Apparently Japan has decided that it still doesn’t have quite enough holidays and it’s gone and thrown in the new “Silver Week.” Of course, it is a play off of the long holiday “Golden Week” back in May. This now brings Japan up to four long holidays a year: o-bon in August, new years in January, GW in May and SW in September. And people are still miserable! The people in charge just keep throwing vacations and stimulus packages and child perks at people and can’t seem to figure out why none of it works.

On the other hand, things seem to be going quite well over here in Sweden. Of course, it is no holiday here. Yuki got back from research last week, I promptly got a head cold, and then it was back to school and business for us. Still no personnummer (the Swedish sort of social security number) though we did at last manage to get cell phones. And everywhere you look people are out on the streets, taking their babies out for a stroll, shopping and relaxing on the high street, stopping for coffee and sweets at their favorite fika spot, or just sitting by the river and enjoying life.

People seem so happy here that it is almost confusing, after living in a high-stress society like Japan. We’re thinking we could get used to this.

Now back to job applications.


One Response to “Silver Week”

  1. Mum and PAch Says:

    You should get used to it……being happy is a wonderful thing and we recommend it highly! So sit, sip and enjoy life……M&P

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