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Noll! (Or “Zero!” for the Anglophones among the crowd) 6 October 2009

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091015 noll!

This was the sight that greeted me one gray morning last week. Autumn has come to Uppsala, though Yuki would like to call it winter. The sun is going down at six these weeks and will keep growing earlier every week until the winter solstice. We have turned on our radiators for the first time (after bleeding them, of course!) and are nice and cozy at home.

We are also, we’re happy to say, officially members of Swedish society now. Yes, indeed, we have received out person number’s, after only (!) four weeks. I went out quite immediately and got myself placed into SFI (Svenska för invandrare or Swedish for immigrants). I’ll be starting on the 19th and though I’m sure I won’t understand a bloody thing for the first couple of weeks, I am excited! I hope I might finally get to know some people in town…

We also had another cause to use our shiny new person numbers, unfortunately. Yuki broke (or re-broke, I guess I should say) one of his front teeth and so had to be to the dentists. Who promptly told him that he needed to have immediate work down on about eight other teeth, as well. We weren’t surprised, since Yuki had been told the same thing back in Japan — where fillings cost about 2000 yen or 2o dollars a piece, with national insurance. But guess who never got around to having his fillings done and so now is paying over a hundred dollars a piece?

Well, at least we got one filling done and the broken tooth repaired so far. We are waiting on the rest, as we’ll need to pace them out over several months. Or more. Still, Yuki is happy to no longer look like a hillbilly with one of his front teeth half-missing, I am continuing to teach my little online classes and sniff out translation opportunities, and life goes on.


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