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Here we go~ 15 December 2009

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Been a busy month or two but here’s what photographic evidence exists…

Early snow but it’s been warm since then. It snows fairly often but never enough to stick.

We threw together a last minute Thanksgiving in three hours! Only two Americans but we all got stuffed in the traditional style!

Made more tofu. Mwahaha. May be getting a soy milk machine to make it even easier.


Mistletoe for sale at the Julmarknad (Christmas market)

Hi Yuki!

The Fyris river which candles and all.

Decorations in the central square, Stora Torget

Lots of cold misty nights. Though, actually, that’s at 2 pm–so not night after all.

Yuki took a picture of our thermometer–I told him to just wait and see; it’ll surely get lower yet.

My SFI class went on a field trip to Stockholm! Hej!

We acted like tourists a bit. Isn’t he just adorable?

Toured Riksdagshuset and watched the parliament (hardly anyone even there…)

Did a bit of Christmas shopping!

More decorations and more Julmarknad: this time in Stockholm.

Ljusstake everywhere! We have ours up in our window at home, of course, but there was even one on here on the bus we took from Stockholm!

And of course we just passed Lucia!  Listen to some Lucia songs here!

Things have been going pretty well! I’ve been picking up some interesting translation jobs and enjoying my writing as well. SFI continues to chug forward; I still only understand 50-60% of what the teacher says but I’m moving on to the next level anyway it seems. I passed the national exam, so from January I’ll be in the D-class. We are headed to Seattle in two days and looking forward to visiting the States, buying up a whole suitcase of supplies at Uwajimaya’s, and getting to take it easy for at least a bit! Hopefully by the time we get back, Yuki will have decided on his dissertation topic, I will be all ready for the D course at SFI, and we will have a suitcase full of Japanese goodies to keep up going for a while!


2 Responses to “Here we go~”

  1. Bizzy Says:

    Oh! great pictures! sorry i have been so awal. the last six months have been absolutely manic. Guess what? I am now working in my spare time with a start up publishing company! here in Kitsap! Huzzah! And i’m the Acquisitions Editor. how’s them apples?! Still working on that story?

    • thenonakas Says:

      Wow, awesome! Sounds like you are finding some great opportunities–that is so great! I am still working on the ol’ story, trying to polish it up before risking queries. Still rough bits, but I do feel like it’s getting better (or maybe I’ve just lost all objectivity; you never know…). I’m really glad to hear from you though! Hope it has been a lovely holiday season for you!

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