At The Nonakas

Welcome to our (digital) home

About Us 4 January 2009

Jill was a teacher and a translator. She worked at a massive and competitive high school with three thousand students. She has translated for various companies and governmental bodies. Now she mostly unpacks things. She studies Japanese, Swedish, and whatever other language catches her fancy, and she likes to write.

Yuki was a worker at an environmental NGO. Now he is a Masters student at Uppsala University. He is doing Ecology and Conservation in the Biology department. He is either in class or reading for class at least 12 hours a day. He still only studies English when Jill pesters him. He loves animals and he dreams of a vivacious international life.

They live now in Sweden, after spending two or three years in Japan, while they first met 6 years ago in Seattle. Yuki hopes to move to Switzerland next; Jill hopes never to move again. But then again, that’s because she’s been the one to unpack everything. This blog will record their adventures and tribulations wherever they may be.


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